Literature Honoring the Lives of All Children

By Brian Johnson, Diversity Director

As a Diversity Director, I am frequently asked to recommend resources for teachers, students, and parents. One resource that is requested frequently is a book list of diverse literature. I recently came across several that were highly recommended to me by Elizabeth Denevi, Associate Director of th Eastern Educational Resource Collaborative, a nonprofit that works with schools nationally to increase equity and promote diversity pedagogy.

  • List put together by Elizabeth Denevi and librarian Elisa Gall
  • We're the People list (This list, compiled by a group of librarians, has a particularly good selection of Young Adult books.)
  • WNDB lists of diverse books (WNDB, or We Need Diverse Books, is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that advocates changes in the publishing industry to produce literature that honors the lives of all young people.)
  • A list with a strong social justice focus (compiled by Sarah Park Dahlen, associate professor in the Master's of Library and Information Science Program at St. Catherine University in Minnesota.   
  • Welcoming Schools lists of books on family diversity and gender identity/expression/stereotypes (Welcoming Schools provides training and resources to elementary school educators to welcome diverse families, create LGBTQ and gender-inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying, and support transgender and non-binary students.)

Happy Reading!