Eclectic Encuentro

Protesting and yoyo-ing! Somehow they were perfect together.

Encuentro started today with a rally against conflict minerals. The 6th grade, protest signs in hand, passionately spoke to the assembled students and faculty about the tragic situation in Congo, where violent militias are terrorizing local populations in order to control the valuable minerals required in the manufacture of cell phones and other electronics. After their rally and chants of "Hey, hey, Hey, ho, conflict minerals have got to go," the 6th graders marched around the gym! (The 6th grade has created a website devoted to the issue, as well as a brochure.)

The second half of Encuentro was equally but differently engrossing. Tyler Severance, a professional yoyo player living in Philadelphia, performed a masterful demonstration of his talents - after educating the audience about the physics behind the working of yoyos.