Drums in the Preschool

Preschool A continued their theme study of music last week. And it was all about percussion. TPS parent Chris Jones introduced the Lavenders and Milkweeds to the “son clave” this week— a rhythmic pattern used as a tool for temporal organization in Afro-Cuban music. Chris was accompanied by two of his robust Conga drums, a speaker to amplify "Guantanamera" (a classic Cuban anthem highlighting the use of son clave), and wooden dowels tailored to fit easily into your child’s hands. Each of us had an opportunity to dance using our own claves, and practice the “son clave,” which Chris described as the backbone of a song’s composition. The children happily chatted and sang while they used beautiful watercolor paints to decorate their new percussion instruments. Each child will receive his/her very own set to enjoy at home soon! 

Local drum expert, Joe Tayoun, also joined us last week for a drumming workshop. Joe brought his international drum collection along with him, and we enjoyed a mini drum circle, while children took turns "performing" and being an audience for one another. From African bongos, Egyptian steel tablah to a “talking drum” that answered questions from us (!!), we all delighted in Joe’s visit!