Senators Casey & Toomey, Here We Come

They met lobbyists. They met politicians. They identified issues. They conducted research - even opposition research. They practiced their presentations. They made a video. They collected letters. 

In other words, students in the middle school Intensive "Let Go Lobbying" are almost ready to head over to Senator Casey's and Senator Toomey's offices on Tuesday, March 7!

Students will urge Senator Casey to strengthen enforcement of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and to seek ways to amend the act to make it more powerful. At Senator Toomey's new office in Old City, students will meet with PA State Director, Colonel Robert DeSousa. They will lobby Senator Toomey to continue to promote expanded background checks on firearms purchasers.

Last-minute prep is under way. Stay tuned. We'll let you know how their first lobbying attempts went!