Seeds of Change

By David D'Altorio, seventh grade teacher

Over the past two months, seventh graders have been exploring five subjects that shape our lives and experiences: water, food, disease, energy, and space exploration. In both science and language arts classes, we examined some "seeds of change" that relate to these subjects – difficulties, breakthroughs, or possibilities that might alter or have altered how people think and relate to them.

We've learned about how the US Southwest is grappling with water shortages. We've studied the rise of corn as a primary ingredient in our food supply. We've swabbed the surfaces of TPS to test for bacteria, examined the controversial technology behind fracking, and analyzed the political and philosophical import of JFK's 1962 moon mission ultimatum. 

After these introductions, students selected a "seed of change" within these subjects that they are particularly interested in. They researched, written, and researched some more, and on Thursday, March 9, they presented the results of their research at our Seeds of Change Learning Celebration. Students and parents alike were invited to peruse the displays, now under construction, and listen to students speak about such varied topics as the discoveries of orbital telescopes, the economic impact of the coffee industry, the effects of the CTE epidemic on American football, advances in nuclear technology, and California's experiments with desalination.