Gymnastics & Growth Mindset

Kindergarten B, with its unit theme of Gymnastics, has, of  course, turned its classroom into a gymnastics gym! The students selected one gymnastic skill that they either don’t know how to do or are just okay at with the hopes of getting better with daily practice. They chose between cartwheels, backbends, bars, splits, and balancing.

The students are working daily as a team in their different groups to encourage and support each other. During our research we referenced some of our initial questions, such as “How do you extend your bones?” and we had an anatomy discussion about the difference between our bones and muscles.  We learned about the importance of flexibility and worked with partners and individually to do different stretches.

Students continued to learn about different apparatus: the bars (parallel, horizontal, uneven), pommel horse, and vaulting table. We watched videos of gymnasts, both kids and professionals, who had to persevere to improve at a skill. The students talked about how gymnasts learn from their mistakes and have to keep trying. They embodied this mindset when working on their own gymnastic skill.