The Play's the Thing

After spring break, the kindergarten teachers introduced their new project to much excitement - How to put on a play!  Putting on a play requires a lot of cooperation, and learning how to function well together and collaborate are important kindergarten (and life) skills that require thoughtful negotiation and flexibility.

The children are deeply into researching and learning about all of the many elements required to put on a successful show. Each week various guest "experts" have visited our classrooms. We've learned about scripts, head shots, the elements of story that create a good play, and how to use our body, face and voice to act.

We visited Old Academy Theater in East Falls, where Primary Unit Teacher Marisa Block has acted in a number of plays.  We got to walk onto the stage, see sets and learn about how they are made, and go backstage and help work the light board. We saw props and costumes in the dressing room.  Some children sketched the stage, the curtains, and the lights.  We spoke with actors and directors and asked questions. 

This week we hosted Foster Longo, a performer and make-up artist who showed us how makeup can change a person into a completely different character. He talked about how male actors can perform as female characters and vice versa. We watched Foster transform himself right in front of our eyes!

Our study will culminate in the performance of our own plays for family and schoolmates.