Poet Laureate Visits Primary Unit

The highlight of Primary Unit' Cs week was a visit with poet Yolanda Wisher, currently the third Poet Laureate of the City of Philadelphia, Yolanda is a multidisciplinary poet and educator.

Using paint chips from the hardware store, Yolanda led students through a group writing exercise.  She left us with tips for what to write about. “Choosing your words carefully. That’s so important in poetry.” She also said, “When I’m stuck for something to write about, I put on some music and dance crazy around my house. Shake off the lethargy, it lets you feel free. Or, just pick up a poem you love. Reread a favorite poem. I read poems of poets I really like and admire.” Yolanda reminded us that all poems need titles and that they can be the most important part of a poem.

We are hoping that Yolanda will come back and work with the rest of the Primary Unit.