Garage Transformed into a Mercado

This week the Garage was transformed into an open air market (Mercado) complete with tables of food, juices, and festive decorations to celebrate the Spanish that preschool and kindergarten students have been learning. The Mercado was filled with our Spanish-speaking children who used Spanish phrases to ask for their treats and convey politeness—por favor and gracias

Children danced (baila, baila, baila), sang, and spoke in Spanish. They experienced firsthand the relevance of conversational Spanish as a way to meet needs and showcase all they have learned this year in our integrated Spanish program.

We encourage parents to surprise your children with some Spanish at home: mercado/market, manzana/apple, pera/pear, plàtano/banana, melón/melon, uvas/grapes, fresas/strawberries, limón/lemon, jugo/juice and galletas/cookies.

Thank you to our Spanish-speaking parent volunteers and to early childhood teachers Madeline Leonard, Brian Jordan, Melissa Roldan-Stills and Ramsey Reyes who helped make the Mercado a great success!

(Stay tuned for news about the Primary Unit Mercado!)