Back-to-School Checklist

Please read carefully - our hope is that you will check this regularly to make sure that you have not missed important information, registration materials, and deadlines.  Links will be updated regularly.

Please let the school registrar, Terri O'Connor, know if you are not receiving emails. Thanks.

Change of Parent Portal Password - IMPORTANT!

口 Please refer to Carlye Nelson-Major's email of 7/14/17 for the new password. (Here is a link to the letter but without the password update.)

The website’s Parent Portal is the go-to place for enrolled families to find all the information they need during the school year. The portal is currently being updated, and we expect it to be fully up-to-date by early August.

Summer Communications

Please read the email you receive from TPS over the summer. We try to limit the number of emails that we send families, so when you receive one, please read it. Below, when possible, we have added links to documents for those who are eager to start! Please note that all back-to-school information with be available throughout the summer on the school website.

If you have not received any communication regarding your tuition billing from Higher Education Services (HES), please contact Maisie Chan as soon as possible ([email protected] or 215-545-5323 x223) to avoid late fees.


口 All new families should have received email notification of their log in and initial password from our data management system (Senior Systems). Here is Log-in Information for My Backpack , where you will find the TPS Online Directory and, later in the year, student academic reports.  If you did not receive your log in and password, contact registrar Terri O'Connor at [email protected]

口 Families were sent an email with information about Magnus Health, the paperless platform that all TPS families must use to acquire, update, and submit required health forms, emergency contact information, and other related forms. The deadline is August 15. Your log in is the same as the log in for My Backpack.  (July 17)

口 Information about the trip to Ecuador was emailed to 8th grade families.  (July 17)

口  Registration is open for all after school activities EXCEPT clubs. All families received an email with detailed registration information. (July 19) 

After School Enrichment Program for preschool-5th grade
Middle School Extended Day Program (grades 6-8) New Program!
After School Music Lessons (kindergarten-8th grade)
口 Middle School interscholastic sports will be sent to families. Please note: Your child will not be able to play a fall sport (soccer, volleyball) unless the special middle school sports form (PIAA Sports Physical) has been submitted via Magnus Health. 


口 On August 3, all families were sent an Invitation to "Meet the Division Directors," an informal gathering in the Garage and Garden on August 17, 5:30-7:00pm.
口 On August 11, the fall clubs catalog will be sent to families.  


口 Registration for fall clubs will open on Friday, August 18.

口 Preschool and kindergarten families will receive information about the September 6 morning orientation for their children. (week of August 14)

口 On August 16, all families with children new to TPS will receive a "getting ready for school" email with an invitation to a New Parent Breakfast, which will take place on September 6 in the TPS Garage. (week of August 14)


口 Families will receive a back-to-school letter via email from Carlye Nelson-Major, head of school. It will include class/advisory lists and updated staffing information, as well as forms asking for student dismissal plans forms and the Student Information form.  (Student schedules will be distributed the first days of school.)


口 Families will be contacted by classroom teachers either by phone or email. Some classrooms will invite families to stop by informally during specific times to say hello, and others will schedule short intake meetings.  

Important TPS Resources  

Learn about Summer Reading and Other Assignments.
Review the 2017-2018 School Calendar.
Required reading for all families: TPS Family Handbook 2017-2018.  (required reading)
Required reading for MS families: Athletic Handbook (contract due prior to September 11)

Save These Dates

First day of school: full day for grades 1-8; partial day for preschool and kindergarten
ASEP begins (grades 1-5).
Middle School Extended Day begins (grade 6-8).

First Day of School for all students - regular hours
Bus service for students in grades 1-6 who have registered for bus service
ASEP begins for preschool and kindergarten

Music lessons begin.
Middle School fall sports begin - students may not participate if the Middle School Athletic Medical form (PIAA sports physical)  has not been submitted.

Fall clubs begin for grades 1-8

Back-to School Night - grades 3-8

Fall clubs begin for preschool and kindergarten

Back-to-School Night - preschool-grade 2