Inspired by Children

by Jennifer Giampetro, Primary Unit teacher

This past Friday, our weekly assembly - our Encuentro – featured a special guest, Stephanie Sena, who spoke about how she started and runs an emergency shelter for men experiencing homelessness.

Stephanie worked with our first and second graders two years ago during their city study. The children, who had been exploring the difference between wants and needs, were very concerned when they found out that people experiencing homelessness were not being accepted into shelters if they had pets. These pet owners would rather stay outside in the cold than give up their animals. This situation struck the students so deeply, that we spent the rest of our study researching animal shelters and considering how we could make change for the pet owners who needed shelter.

During Friday's Encuentro, Stephanie announced that she had been inspired by our children's interest and deep feelings around this issue. She is in the planning stages of opening a shelter that accepts people and their pets. Incredible!! The reaction of the Primary Unit students of 2015-16 – now 4th and 5th graders – was priceless! They are making a difference!

We look forward to figuring out some special projects to help Stephanie's cause.  You can learn more about Stephanie here.