Re-enrollment Information

Our new online re-enrollment process has been under way for a couple of weeks. If you have already re-enrolled, thank you for for embracing this new system and helping us iron out the kinks.

If you have not yet re-enrolled, we want to remind you that the deadline is Wednesday, January 24 and to provide some additional tips.

  • Re-enrollment documents are found on MyBackPack.  Please use the hyperlink or access MyBackPack using the button found on the homepage of the Parent Portal.  If you are having difficulty signing into MyBackPack, please contact t[email protected].
  • If you need to request an extension, please contact Brian Johnson at [email protected].
  • You will find withdrawal forms in MyBackPack if want to notify us of your plans to withdraw.
  • If you are awaiting a financial aid decision and have questions about how that impacts re-enrollment, please contact Alison Fritz at [email protected]
  • To access, your Re-Enrollment on your MyBackPack Account, click on the “Re-Enrollment” hyperlink. This will take you to the directions and links you  will need to complete the process.

  • If you can't find your re-enrollment documents, here's a tip. You will not see your documents if you have not completed the first step — Review  Profile. Once you have finished reviewing and/or editing your contact information, make sure you click the box labeled "My Profile  is up to date" and then click on the blue “submit” tab. You will now see that the "Review Profile" box is checked green, and your re-enrollment materials will become live - click on “Vview Contract”.  Your re-enrollment materials will not appear if the "Review Profile" check is not green.