Personal Narrative Celebration

TPS third graders worked hard all fall completing their personal narratives, a project that culminated in a writing celebration with students, parents, faculty, and staff.

At the writing celebration, students read their personal narratives aloud to small groups of peers and parents. They reflected on the writing process – prewriting, planning, drafting, editing, and publishingand discussed what they learned throughout the process and how it helped them grow as writers.

“Writing my narrative was fun. I like writing, and I liked finishing my final draft – I felt proud!” Sonia shared. Sonia’s story was about her birthday celebration at sleepaway camp – a special day for her.

Some other story highlights included kayaking, snow days, playing football at Clark Park with dad, and a fun afternoon at a friend’s pool. In addition to honing writing skills, this experience helped students establish active listening and effective speaking skills.

To conclude the celebration, all in attendance enjoyed a sparkling grapefruit juice toast to the wonderful work of our third graders.