Gun Sense Post-Election

Movita Johnson-Harrell, the Philadelphia District Attorney Office’s Supervisor of Victim Services, met with middle schoolers whose fall intensive has focused on gun sense candidates and legislation.

According to Ms Johnson-Harrell in an interview that appeared in an 11/04/18 New York Times Magazine article on Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, “ There’s never been a victim as the head of this office.” She explained further, “I’ve always fought for kids on both sides of the gun.”

After sharing her personal story of losing three family member to gun violence, Ms. Johnson-Harrell learned about the goals and experiences of the “TPS Middle Schoolers for Gun Sense” and answered questions relating to the direction of their future efforts. She agreed that a focus on passing legislation that bans realistic-looking guns was an important one that would save children’s lives and make policing less dangerous and lethal.

The elective class was co-planned by 8th grader Maya O., who in her thank you letter to Ms. Johnson-Harrell, explained that her “life stories helped us understand something we have been unable to think about as something that really happens to people.” 

We look forward to having a continued relationship with Ms. Johnson-Harrell, who ended her visit with a selfie of the group and individual hugs for all.