Lenape Study

This week our first and second graders began to study the history of the Lenape Indians and their culture.  Students made wonderful connections between their understanding of culture and this study.  They developed thoughtful and thought-provoking questions, such as “Did they have the same holidays as us?” “How did the Lenape use their resources?” and “Are we related to the Lenape?”   Students examined an old map of Pennsylvania and were able to deduce that the Lenape depended on the water for many reasons, including as a food source, travel source, and to cool off on a hot day.  

On Wednesday, Rob Aptaker, a Lenape expert, visited the Primary Unit to share his knowledge. He brought real artifacts and explained how Lenape people dressed, played, and celebrated hundreds of years ago.  Students were able to ask questions and actually touch some of the artifacts, including bear and beaver furs!  Rob will return next Wednesday to follow up on our questions and help guide our study.