Mini-Course Time Is Here

Middle School Mini-Courses began on Monday, March 12. For five days the regular curriculum is put aside, and students take a variety of new courses taught by classmates, faculty, and guest teachers (including Caroline Simon, one of the founders of TPS).

Here are some of the courses offered: Dissection, Needlepoint, Yoga, Broadway Basics, Pixelated: From Seurat to Digital Art, Codes and Ciphers, Minecraft, Top Chef, Healthy Snacks, Intro to Italian, Henna, Ping Pong, Modular Origami Basics, Yearbook, Card Games, Problems with Democracy, Thai Cooking, Salsa Dancing, Magic: The Gathering, Pencil-and-Paper Math Games, Slacklining, "Mystery Science Theatre 3000," Filmmaking, How to Succeed in Business, Vegetarian Life-Style, British Comedy, Code Monkeys & Makey Makeys, Dungeons and Dragons, Magical Remedies, Digital Design in Photoshop, Electronic Music Composition, Soccer Skills and Games, Musical Improvisation, Mindfulness, Macramé, Woodworking, Film Noir, and George Orwell’s 1984.

Can you guess which classes are student taught?