Mentors at TPS

By Mary Beth Fedirko, Preschool teacher

Maureen Glaccum, Lisa Hoke, and I were invited to a luncheon at the Community College of Philadelphia honoring master cooperating teachers. Over the years, each of us has mentored CCP education students. These college students are filled with hope and excitement that they, too, will have an opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives. Classroom management, student-teacher relationships, thoughtful planning, and project work/lessons are just a few of the essential pieces of building teacher mastery.

As I sat next to Maureen at this luncheon, I was filled with a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude that will last a lifetime, as will our bond in friendship and collegiality. At the luncheon I was thrilled to have the opportunity to publicly thank my own mentor – Maureen – and describe my early experiences in the classroom as those being heavily influenced by Maureen and the spirit with which she’s always approached our job in early childhood education.

I know the importance of quality mentorship because I was a recipient of it. Maureen’s tender care and essential principles will live on in my own teachings for years to come in the classroom. The photo taken at the luncheon includes a collective 80+ years of teaching experience. How fortunate I’ve been to learn and teach alongside Maureen and Lisa, these two giving and dedicated souls.

Mentorship is a gift we can give to earnest students and in return we, too, learn new ways to approach our own practice both in and beyond the classroom. Thank you to my colleagues for learning and laughing with me for over 18 years!