FDC Playdate Fun

The Family Diversity Committee (FDC) hosted its Spring Playdate on April 22 in the TPS Garden. The event, the second FDC playdate of the year, gave the school community a chance for students, parents, and families to gather together sometimes with people they might not ordinarily play or talk with.  As part of our commitment to diversity, FDC hosts these playdates in order to create a space where we can demonstrate to our children what consciously and intentionally diverse groups look like.  

Our kids created Earth Day crafts and made a welcome card for Lisa Sun, our new Head of School. The weather was great, and the children had fun playing in the Garden.

Thank you to FDC co-chairs Martin Wiley and Bob Prischak for their leadership and to the many other TPS parents who have organized and supported FDC initiatives this year.