Introducing Doll Stories

This past Saturday, several TPS teachers attended the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative (GPDC) Summit “Nurturing Critically Engaged Citizens: Preschool to - Second - Grade,” held at the School in Rose Valley.  A few teachers were workshop presenters as well. Mary Beth Fedirko and Lisa Hoke led a session on preschool “activism” — “Never Too Young: Early Childhood Activism” in which they introduced attendees to “Doll Stories”  — an important component of the social/emotional curriculum in their preschool classroom. Jesse presented a workshop on "Celebrating the Gender Identity Spectrum: Trans and Genderqueer Identity in the Classroom." And Brian Jordan led a workshop "Never Too Young for Justice - Developmentally Appropriate Music for Early Social Justice Awareness in Preschool - 2nd Grade."

The core of the GPDC's work is supporting local educators in providing early childhood, elementary and middle school students the age-appropriate guidance and education required to navigate issues of difference, social justice and equity in and around the classroom in healthy ways. TPS teachers were happy to be a part of this great work and took away much that will be shared with the rest of the TPS faculty and with our students as well.