Allyship Groups Launched

By Shannon Coulter, Music teacher

Faculty and staff Allyship groups met on Friday, April 20, for a meeting over our bag lunch. Groups were led by two faculty members, and content was prepared by Brian Jordan, Chantal Barr and Brian Johnson, with significant input from the Diversity Subcommittee for Communication and Engagement. 

The task was two-fold. First, we launched allyship groups whose membership will remain consistent over the next few years. A sense of continuity and shared responsibility for creating a nurturing and brave space can be enfolded into the usual caucus or discussion group as we give voice to issues of diversity at TPS. 

Second, during the meeting, we considered the idea of triggers and bias, and how they play a role in the daily experience of students and faculty. My partner, Jesse, created a class plan around the content that allowed us to discuss in the larger group (our group had nine persons present) and in smaller groups. 

I look forward to growing within my allyship group and experiencing the fruits of these conversations as enrichment of our daily classroom lives.