Spotlight on Student Advocacy

Each spring the TPS Board of Trustees hosts the Annual Fun Meeting - an event that takes place on the Sunday after our big fund-raising event, EATS. 

We take advantage of the EATS tent, the beautiful setting of the Garden, and the comfort of the Garage to review some of the academic and board-supported achievements of the year, which included several outward-looking academic initiatives, the hiring of a new head of school, and the planning for this summer's renovation of the Lombard Street second floor.

A highlight of the afternoon was a panel discussion about student voice and activism at TPS. Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Zack gave an overview of student advocacy at TPS, going back to the school's founding commitment in the area of environmental sustainability and highlighting how even children in kindergarten develop advocacy skills.

Seventh graders Maya Orenstein and Ethan Young, who are members of the Student Council and who took part in several sessions of the Lobbying Intensive this year, talked about leadership roles they have been able to assume at TPS, including the March 14 middle school walkout.  Eighth graders Mira Young and Amelia Cucchiara described how their recent class trip to Ecuador inspired them to raise funds for sick and homeless dogs there.

Alumna Meredith Lowe '01, program director at Philly Plus, reminisced about her experiences as a student at TPS and how they inform her work developing educational leadership in the public school realm. Alumna Lyla Forman '16 talked about the connection between the sustainability work she did here at TPS and the exciting semester-long program she is embarking on at the Island School.

The panel discussion was ably moderated by TPS parent Michael Riccardi. Special thanks to him!