For the Birds

Preschool A is for the birds! Here, there and everywhere — the children have been spotting birds and enthusiastically sharing their sightings!  

Early this week, we welcomed Ruby Robin to our classroom. You may have met her — She’s a small stuffed robin who’s been cheering us on as we read abridged chapters of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s beloved tale The Secret Garden. In the story, we meet Mary Lennox, who is delighted when “Ruby” leads her to a hidden key and eventually the door to the secret garden.

As we bird-watch in earnest — looking for ‘real’ birds, of course - we thought it wise to offer our avian visitors some food to provide even more opportunities for observation! We transformed our vast collection of cardboard tubes into bird feeders by attaching TPS-red ribbons to each tube, carefully spreading them with sunflower butter, and finally rolling the tubes in a large bowl of bird seed. Thank you to Jordyn’s mom for providing all the seed! The feeders have been hung throughout the TPS garden.  

Working with fine-tipped Sharpie markers on drawing paper, we also created ‘observational drawings’ of bird feathers yesterday. Art teacher Kait shared a beautiful collection of authentic feathers from the Art Studio, and, after noticing the different details and markings on each feather, the children selected one or two to replicate. Once the sketches were completed, they painted over the feathery outlines using brilliant watercolor paints. Their stunning work is portfolio-worthy and now adorns our walls!