Roman "Holiday"

This summer, we are holding our first international Sustainability Institute. Fourteen  14 TPS alums traveled to Rome, where they are immersing themselves in Roman culture from the ancient world to the present day.

Rome is a palimpsest — a city of layers that has built on top of itself for millennia. A curved street marks the outline of an imperial theater. Temples become churches. Ancient sanctuaries underpin modern buildings. In true TPS fashion, we are learning about the rich history and modern vibrancy of Rome through in-depth, inquiry-led exploration.

To gain the full Roman experience, we are staying in apartments in the Sallustiano neighborhood — and since the dinner table is at the center of Roman life, we are learning how to cook local dishes. TPS teachers Ashley Opalka, Jake Hunter, and Tiziana Acerbo are leading the trip, and Joel Fath (Ashley's husband) is taking the lead on the cooking. We are partnering with Context Travel for three behind-the-scenes tours: Ostia Antica, the Vatican Museums, and Underground Rome.