TPS Presenters on Cultural Competency


Director of Institutional Advancement Frances Hoover and second grade teacher Jesse Cronin-Connelly were presenters at the Cultural Competency Institute for Educators, held at Episcopal Academy on Friday, August 24.

Frances presented a workshop called Policies and Practices Related to the "N" Word.  Attendees considered several questions, including

  • Why does the word generate such strong reactions? 
  • Is it okay to use the word for educational purposes? 
  • What is your school’s stance on teaching literature that uses the “n” word? What should it be? 
  • How should educators prepare themselves and their students for the teaching of these texts? 
  • What is the appropriate response to students using the “n” word on campus? 
  • What if the student is referencing words in a song? 
  • What if the student is African-American? What if the student is not African-American?
  • Should schools have an explicit and written policy on the use of the “n” word? 
  • How should policies address generational differences in interpretation and use of the word?

Jesse's workshop, entitled Bridging Strategic and Grassroots Efforts to Support Institutional Equity, addressed such questions as

  • How can schools transform a strategic commitment to institutional equity and inclusion into sustained practice? 
  • Where are the opportunities to engage in equity and inclusion efforts? 
  • How is that work fostered? 
  • What are some ways to align strategic and grassroots efforts?