PA's Copy of the Bill of Rights: Where Is It?

Today – the day after Constitution Day – marked the first of the year's Monthly Constitutionals.

Monthly Constitutionals are presentations by scholars, attorneys, activists, and civic leaders about topics related to our 8th graders’ year-long study of the U.S. Constitution.

TPS parent and attorney Josh Wolson kicked off our 2018-19 series with a presentation that was not about the survival of the rights included in the Bill of Rights (we will do that later!) but rather about the actual survival of velum copies of the historic document itself.  

Each state was sent a copy of the Bill of Rights in order to ratify it. Students learned about an FBI sting operation right here in Philadelphia in 2003 that led to the recovery of North Carolina's original copy of the Bill of Rights. Josh also described Pennsylvania's attempt to recover its allegedly stolen copy and the eventual agreement between the New York Public Library and our Commonwealth to share the document in question.