A Really Big Show

By Lois West, Student Council co-advisor

I have been a “co-producer” of the Student Council Talent Show since 2007. Each year the show gets easier to produce (for us adults) and more spectacular to behold. And each year it is evident that the show is not “just fun” – although it is plenty fun.

With very little support from Student Council advisors (nowadays we simply handle logistics, such as making sure that we have the gym reserved and that the needed equipment –mics, piano, staging, gym mats, etc. – is in place on performance day), the Talent Show is organized, directed, and executed by the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on the Executive Committee of the Student Council.


This year there were more than 50 acts (for some reason, singers seemed to predominate), involving about 100 students in grades 1 through 8. Corralling such a large number of students as they awaited their performances was a feat in and of itself, and our Student Council team managed the task calmly and efficiently. They made sure that the mic was properly positioned for each act and that they played the right background music for the right amount of time for the right performer. Sixth and seventh grade representatives helped manage the flow of acts, and council members, as well as a few 8th graders, emceed.

The Talent Show’s success depended on more than excellent planning and execution. Its success was reflected in the courage and confidence of our singers and dancers and football throwers and gymnasts and joke tellers. Said one faculty member, “It brings tears to my eyes to think of one of my former preschoolers who was terrified to enter the Garage for our Winter Concert and would only sit on the riser if I sat next to her and held her hand – and there she was on the Talent Show stage all by herself singing in front of 500 people.”

The show’s success was also expressed by the uninhibited support and enthusiasm of our audience – from our youngest preschoolers to our most sophisticated 8th graders. Every single performer felt appreciated and loved. And, picture this, nearly every single student (and quite a few teachers) chanted along with the trio belting out “Sponge Bob Square Pants”!

Thank you so much to Maya O, Student Council co-president, who spearheaded this event. Special thanks to everyone on staff – from facilities to the PE team to the music department – for making sure our performers had everything they needed. Kudos especially to Sara Forgione, who stepped up this fall to take the lead on all things Student Council this year.

Enjoy some photos taken at the Talent Show by Kate Riccardi and Beth Lundy.