TPS Middle School Production Crew

Seventh grade members of the TPS Production Crew.

Seventh grade members of the TPS Production Crew.

By Thomas Flanagan, Production Crew Advisor and Director of the After School Music Program

Have you ever noticed seventh and eighth grade students filming and recording audio at TPS events? If so, you’ve seen the Middle School Production Crew in action. Founded in 2014 and now a perennial student organization, the TPS Production Crew meets weekly to learn how to use audio and video equipment, editing software, and to share our creative ideas.

Crew member Julian says, “It’s a great way to learn how to shoot film and have fun with friends.” Naomi chimes in by saying, “Before Production Crew, I never worked with cameras but this gave me a chance to find a new hobby with something I like.”

As mentioned by Owen, one of our primary goals is to share what’s going on at school with friends and family, “This gives us a chance to show others special things that happen at TPS.”

We look forward to continually sharing our work so please keep an eye open for future releases such as the 8th grade Shakespeare Festival performances of Twelfth Night and A Midsummer’s Night Dream, the upcoming 3rd Grade plays, an Earth Day video and The Class of 2019 Graduation. Until then, stay tuned and enjoy your spring break!  

Videos we have produced so far this year:

The 2019 Kindergarten Winter Music Celebration (full concert):

PR & 3rd Chorus

PR Chorus

Junior String Ensemble

3rd Grade Chorus

“At TPS, Gratitude is the Attitude” 

“Learn Here. Go Anywhere.”

6th Grade Choir & percussion “Nkosi Sekeleli Afrika”

 7th Grade Rock Band music videos: (4 camera angle shoot!)

“Don’t Stop Breathing”

“Living on a Heartbeat”

8th Grade Bands:

"Wagon Wheel" Class of 2019

“Hallelujah” Class of 2019