Rowhouse Grocery

Allie Hauptman ‘01 recently reached out to us to let us know about a new small business she is a part of. Rowhouse Grocery is a small corner store in South Philadelphia. Established by Allie and three others, the store focuses on bringing fresh affordable produce to the Point Breeze community.

Says State Representative Jordan Harris, who represents the neighborhood, ““This grocery store comes in at a time when there’s more focus than ever before on healthy eating, yet many of our constituents simply don’t have access to the fresh fruits, vegetables and meats they need. If the products aren’t accessible or affordable to the people we represent, then they simply don’t exist to them. I hope that Rowhouse Grocery gives an opportunity for people to explore meals that are nutritious, yet still affordable.”

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The business has an onsite kitchen for making prepared foods for the store and for catering. The catering part of the business subsidizes the grocery and keeps prices low for the neighbors; it also helps cut down on waste from the store by cooking any past-peak produce.  Says Allie, “We are hoping to get the word out about our store especially to bolster catering sales to help grow our business. We have been open for about three and a half months, and it has been quite a wild ride!” 

In an interview that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Allie recognized that the Point Breeze neighborhood is undergoing gentrification, but she said that “we want to make sure that this store will always be affordable for the people who’ve always lived here.”

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