Lluvia o sol (Rain or Shine)

By Brian Jordan, Kindergarten associate teacher

Last Thursday we had our big annual Preschool and Kindergarten Spanish learning celebration, El Mercado.  In preparation for the event students made colorful paper flowers with Catherine, practiced their merengue skills with Claudette, made maracas and pinatas, harvested herbs and radishes with Bri for the celebration, and transformed the space with their vibrant decorations.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 1.48.47 PM.png

As the rain began to fall (despite 0% chance on weather.com!!) parent and family volunteers quickly transformed the warm, dry garage with tables covered by fruits.  Spanish teacher Giovana Robinson and her husband, Josh, filled the space with their enchanting Latin percussion, piano and vocals. Students used their español to ask for frutas and piraguas (Puerto Rican style snow cones prepared from Madeline’s homemade syrups!) from family volunteers, danced to the amazing music when they finished eating, and ended the event by  sharing their own special performance of Merengue dancing (Kindergarten) and the Mexican Hat Dance (Preschool).

Many thanks to all of the Spanish expert families and special guests who came in to help!  You can see the wonderful photos that parent volunteer Lauren Harel kindly took for us.