Full STEAM Ahead

Children are natural makers and tinkerers. As a progressive school dedicated to educating through observation and experience, we are constantly seeking opportunities for our students to create and deconstruct the world around them. Recognizing the importance of putting children’s natural creative desire into practice, Junior Unit launched its first dedicated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) program this past week entitled “Full STEAM Ahead.”

“Full STEAM Ahead” aims to cultivate young maker instincts in pursuit of solutions to 21st century problems. Leading the program at TPS is Director of Educational Technology, Matt Murray, and Director of Systems & Innovation, Jeffrey Mordan. During their time with the students throughout this academic year, Matt and Jeffrey will facilitate hands-on maker experiences by combining technology with arts and crafts to prototype functional solutions to real world issues. 

This past week, Junior Unit students kicked off the program by building circuits using an inquiry-driven approach: Using magnetic modules called littleBits, the students were tasked with making something rather “illuminating” (an LED-inspired invention) by applying the invention cycle, a design-thinking process. 

Over the coming weeks, students will test the depth and breadth of their growth mindsets as they learn the power of “yet” and see their mistakes and failures as transformative attempts in learning and positive chances to iterate.

Stay tuned for monthly updates!