Global Climate March

Our school educates students on the democratic process and instills confidence in them to exercise their civic duties within their communities and beyond. We encourage students to consider multiple perspectives, ask questions, and then articulate their own well-informed point of view. Thinking globally and acting locally is a hallmark of this work.

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The recent youth-led Global Climate Strike presented an opportunity for our students to explore the issue of climate change and student activism. This issue and event were a natural point of curiosity for our students who spend one day a week at The Schuylkill Center, deepening their commitment to the environment. Teachers invited students to research the topic and fostered conversations, which ultimately led to the decision to participate in the movement. Students created signs, chanted calls to action, and marched in our school’s neighborhood and to City Hall to participate in the rally for climate justice. 

Participating in a variety of democratic processes, including peaceful protest, allows students to see democracy in action. It helps advance the values of advocacy, fairness, and justice—which are essential in maintaining and improving a functioning democracy in any country.

Our school community’s commitment to steward the earth began before the march and will continue after. TPS has a parent-led Green & Healthy Team that is consistently working to improve our school’s environmental impact; and our faculty, staff, and students will continue to investigate ways to combat climate change and participate in the democratic process.