Skyping Exchange

Today Cecilia's seventh grade students had their first Skype session with students from México. Every Friday Cecilia's Spanish class will have the chance to practice their Spanish with native Spanish-speaking middle schoolers and to learn more about Hispanic culture.

The sessions will alternate  between one week in Spanish and one week in English so both sets of students can take advantage of this opportunity. The English teacher in México and Cecilia will be preparing and sharing lesson plans so the students can know ahead of time what will be the topic they will be talking about.

Post-Election Reflections

By Justine Hoffman, Head of School

                                         “Come as you are and we will learn from one another.”

While The Philadelphia School takes a nonpartisan stance when it comes to electoral politics, the school stands firm in its commitment to its long-held values of social justice, diversity, and respectful civil discourse and activism.

Reactions to Tuesday’s election results have been passionate across the nation, and they have been no different here at The Philadelphia School.

Students had the opportunity to share their feelings on Wednesday at their morning meetings. Their reaction was varied, but it is clear that many children are fearful of the rhetoric about people of color, Muslims, immigrants, and women that has prevailed throughout the campaign. 

The Universal Language of Music

This week, The Philadelphia School and Temple Music Prep co-hosted a week-long visit to Philadelphia of the Icelandic Tonskoli Sigursveins Youth String Orchestra. The orchestra’s itinerary included a day-long rehearsal at The Garage – and performances at Temple Prep, at Philadelphia’s Creative and Performing Arts High School, and at TPS.

The Tonskoli Sigursveins performed in concert with The Philadelphia School’s Sandra Dean String Ensemble, made up of students in grades four through eight.  The Icelanders also took part in the ensemble’s weekly master lesson and rehearsal.

This musical exchange program not only provided performance and listening opportunities for our students but reaffirmed the school’s long-time commitment to a strong string program.

Prepared for PAIS

By Emily Marston
Middle School teacher
Chair of the Accreditation Steering Committee 

Think you know everything that we teachers and staff do at TPS? Teach, advise, create program, write academic reports, pursue professional development, coach sports, give music lessons.

For the past year, while all that has been going on, faculty and staff – with the participation of board members – have undertaken an exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting!) self-study in preparation for a formal reaccreditation visit on October 23-26 by a team from the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS).

Back-to-School Night 101

Back-to-School Night (BTSN) is an exciting event for parents and teachers. And, in this day and age, it can provoke undue anxiety as well. Over the years, I have spoken with many independent and public school parents about BTSN. When I have asked them what they hoped to get out of the evening, their answers have ranged from “I want to know what my child does every day” to “I want to understand my child’s curriculum and the teacher’s methodology” to “I just want to meet my child’s teachers and get to know them a little.”

At The Philadelphia School we believe that Back-to-School Night is an opportunity to meet a little of each of those expectations. We aim to outline some of the big picture curriculum and methodology children will experience, help parents get to know the core classroom and specialist teachers (as much as you can get to know anyone in one evening), and instill confidence in parents that we care deeply about the experience each and every child has each and every day.

Parents are important partners/co-contributors in the success of Back-to-School Night. Here are a few tips for making the most out of this year's experience.