3rd grade

Third Graders Write Persuasively

The 3rd grade students in 3A wanted to share a persuasive review they wrote collaboratively about the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education.

The Schuylkill Center is the perfect country classroom for kids. There are many places to explore. In the Pine Plantation, you can build really cool forts and at Founder’s Grove, you can make your way through a complex maze. There is a possibility that you can get ticks, but as long as you do a thorough check, you’re okay! There are lots of trails to hike, too. For example, you can take Fox Trail to get to Springhouse pond, a magnificent, peaceful place to relax. In the pond, you may encounter small creatures like tadpoles, frogs, and waterstriders. An interesting fact about this pond is that it is fed from an underground fresh water spring. Not only does the Schuylkill Center offer shelter for animals, it also makes a great place to host special events. If you’re not a nature person, there’s a building with different exhibits to visit. Also, there’s a Rain Garden behind the building where you can pump water into different materials. These are some of the many reasons why we like the Schuylkill Center, and we know that you’ll enjoy this country classroom as much as we do. 

The Earth's Beauty

The poem below, written by a third grader, captures the spirit of Earth Day. Enjoy!

"The Earth’s Beauty"
 by Devin G.

When I take a hike
I feel the wind blowing in my face.
I hear birds chirping.
I hear chipmunks scuttling around
on the ground.
I see the trees swaying in the breeze
like dancers at a festival.
I take off my shoes and walk
on the rich, green grass.
It feels cool and moist under my feet.
I smell clean air.
I hear running water.
I feel relaxed.
I feel what nature is about.
I feel it taking all my anger, fear
and confusion out of me.
I don’t feel alone.
I feel nature.
I see nature.
I am nature.
Nature is beautiful.
Nature is what made the Earth.
Nature is pulling me,
Making me stay put.
But wherever I go
I will always be with nature.
Nature is mesmerizing.
That is nature.


Mapping History

Earlier this month, Alicia Parks, a member of the education staff at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, visited our third graders to present an interactive lesson about the history of Philadelphia through maps. It was a great way for children to learn how the city grew! 

Lenape Life

One of our 3rd grade classrooms is now a "Lenape Village of 500 Years Ago." 

The students self-selected an area of expertise to teach to others about the Lenape Village/Culture. They did the research, wrote their facts and scripts, practiced with their group, collaborated in building, and had a great time! The various stations around the room were wigwam and cordage, gardening, hunting, cooking, family, overview/introduction, and fire making.

The response from guests was terrific. The students took ownership of their stations and showed great pride in sharing their knowledge with others.

Here is a photo from a visit with the Norwood family, who presented a music and dance program and talk about contemporary Lenape culture.

3rd Grade Winning Play

The Philadelphia Young Playwrights has awarded second place to the play Building a More Fair USA: Lady Liberty Leads the Way, written by students in Miriam Harlan and Anna Park's third grade class last year. It competed among hundreds of submissions in the category of Elementary School Plays in the 2014 Annual Playwriting Festival.  Congratulations!