A "No-fail" Field Trip: the PMA

by Amory P, 8th grade

For the 8th grade, this past Tuesday was the first of three weekly visits to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We took a bus through the rain to the museum, where we were greeted by museum staff and led to the auditorium. There we were told about what themes and exhibits were on our itinerary.

We set off on our tour, and we started by visiting a display of furniture pieces popular in America before the Revolutionary War. The pieces were all made out of rich, dark mahogany, and designs were intricately carved into the wood. We drew the pieces and wrote down inferences about what the popular designs were influenced by.

The second half of the tour was mostly spent gasping at (and learning about) mind-boggling paintings and pointing out the coolest antique spoons out on display. It was amazing to see the amazing skills artists have to make these paintings called trompe-I’œil paintings (it’s French for “deceive the eye”).

To round out our visit to the museum, we viewed more furniture, this time from the post-Revolutionary War period. The pieces were like the pre-Revolutionary War styles on steroids! Extravagant designs were carved up and down the frames of the pieces, and even the silk coverings of the seats were covered in scroll patterns and flowers.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a no-fail field trip destination, and the 8th grade is ecstatic to come back next week.

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