ASEP Celebrates Black History Month

Last week, ASEP explored the connection between Black history and poetry, discussing a poem by Lucille Clifton. Junior Unit students wrote poems inspired by Clifton's work. They also learned about and discussed Romare Bearden's work, and they collaged individual images inspired by his urban landscapes.  Students also collaborated on a large-scale cut-paper mural of a colorful Philly city scene. 

Busy in ASEP

A Zine Workshop for Junior Unit students. Creating leaf prints. Finger knitting. Read aloud. And that's just a few of the things that have been happening after school in ASEP.

ASEP Happenings

In ASEP, students learned about nebulae while they created images using the Japanese marbling technique known as suminagashi.  They learned about the composition of the interstellar clouds as they swirled the colorful inks and dipped paper into the water to capture the energy and movement representing the dynamics of a nebulae. 

Brian Jordan, Kindergarten assistant teacher was guest chef in ASEP this week. The children harvested herbs from the TPS garden, and they prepared brruschetta for all of the students in ASEP to enjoy. 


Among the many exciting projects undertaken at TPS this summer was the installation of an entire wall of LEGO base plates!

Now, each day a throng of intensely focused future architects, engineers, contractors, astronauts, race car drivers, and super heroes can be found huddled in the corner of the new Junior Unit ASEP room!  Come on downstairs and build something for yourself!


Cosmos After School

As is tradition, ASEP has jumped right in to celebrate and explore the all-school theme. Cosmos has already proved to be a rich and engaging topic, even after school hours!

Children took part in discussions about constellations and began making glow-in-the-dark hanging constellations, which will be ready next week to hang.

A particularly fun and healthy activity related to constellations was the preparation of a special second snack – star-shaped fruit kebobs!

Students learned about comets and are in the process of creating comet images scored into clay (the same way the ancients recorded comets); they will rub colors into the slabs to complete them.  

National Poetry Month Celebrated in ASEP

This week we began our celebration of National Poetry month by creating a PoeTree.  Students helped construct and paint a tree for our PoeTree unit.  They wrote poems on paper leaves after an introductory presentation and discussion about the various types of poems that were posted on information boards. Each day our snack was introduced by the reading of a different food poem that related to the choice of ingredients.