University of Pennsylvania

Science Night @ TPS

It was wonderful to see so many TPS families at this educational evening featuring the work of our 7th graders. The 7th grade launched its spring genetics unit with a week-long classroom experiment using live zebrafish, courtesy of Project BioEYES. In this hands-on lab, students bred varieties of zebrafish, predicted how certain traits would be inherited by offspring, and observed the embryos develop and hatch into swimming larva — in just five days! Students were able to observe first-hand the division of stem cells and the expression of particular genes.

It was a remarkable introduction to the world of genetics and to the real-life discoveries happening every day at the University of Pennsylvania.

At Science Night, 7th graders shared their research and discoveries, and families had the opportunity to use microscopes and other tools to observe zebrafish development. Families also met scientists in the field, including Kenneth Zaret, Director of the Penn Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and learned how zebrafish research can apply to humans.

A Neighborhood and a School?

Today Primary A walked to University City to continue exploring our nearby neighborhoods. We were met by Ann and Cam Grey, parents in our classroom who both live and work at the University of Pennsylvania. We discovered that the Penn campus is both a neighborhood and a school. We spent time at The Penn Museum, played on the button statue, climbed the bleachers at Franklin Field, visited the dorm where the Greys live, and explored one of the cafeterias. We ate snack outside in the courtyard of Kings Court English College House, and then we had lunch with the Penn students in the student union building. We saw a ton and walked even more! Many Primary A students decided they want to live on a college campus! 

Wrestling Practice at Penn

This week the TPS Wrestling Club was invited to watch a practice at the University of Pennsylvania.  During the practice, Penn's head wrestling coach Alex Tirapelle and former head coach Roger Reina addressed our young athletes, and afterwards our students were able to get on the mats.  Club coach Michael Friedman said, "The kids learned a lot and had fun!"

Penn Partnership

The Philadelphia School is partnering with the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education for a full-day focused observation grounded around an essential question of our choosing. Our essential question relates to our school-wide focus this year: How does thematic teaching and learning engender, promote, and support a growth mindset?

During this academic year the Penn graduate students will visit five schools, chosen because each has a particular interest in strengthening an academic area, aspires to improve practice, and wants to remain a part of a larger professional network that is on the cutting edge of improving leadership practices.