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TPS Chess Champions!

The TPS Tigers chess team was in Atlanta this weekend for the 2018 National Junior High (K-9) Chess Championship!

TPS won two top-ten team trophies!

In the K9 Under 1250 section, TPS placed 7th out of 25 teams!

Grayson Wade
Evan Liddy
George Davis-Diver
Max Greineder

(Most of the top teams had MORE than four players, but we figured we should give the other teams a fighting chance.)

In the K8 Under 1000 section, TPS placed 3rd out of 36 teams!

Scotty Jordan (trophy for 3rd overall)
Ben Russo (trophy, tied for 20th!)
Reed McKnight
Tony Regli
Coleman Wampler

Manav Jha played as an individual in the Under 750 section and won 4.5 out of 7 games.

From chess coach Ross Colby, "Thank you, parents and kids, it was a blast!!!" And from us to Ross, "Thank you for all you have done for our kids and for the strong chess program you created at TPS."

Olympian Runs with You Go Girls

A 2016 American Olympian will be joining the You Go Girls club next week on Wednesday, December 6.

Ajeé Wilson is the US Record holder for the fastest women's 800m on the track. She competed in the 2016 Olympics and won the bronze at the 2017 World Championships.

Ajeé lives here in Philly and is very excited to meet the girls. She will share with us some of her medals, and then we'll go for a run at Markward Playground. I've attached a photo of Ajeé here.

Virtual Expeditions

In the new Eco Explorers Club, students go on virtual expeditions, complete challenges, and create habitats.  Every two weeks they "visit" one of  five biomes : aquatic, desert, forest, prairie, or tundra.

Cow Eyes

In the second week of the Dissection & Scientific Drawing Club, taught by former TPS teacher Virginia Friedman, students explored cow eyes, which have many traits in common with human eyes. Sketching the specimens helps both to slow down our examination and to observe carefully and critically.

After sketching the exterior of the eye, looking at the cornea, sclera ("white" of the eye), fat and muscle tissue, and the optic nerve, students dissected the eyes in order to examine the pupil, iris, lens, retina, and other interior structures.

Unlike humans, cows have horizontal pupils and a tapetum, which is an iridescent layer behind the retina that is common in nocturnal animals and helps to reflect additional light in the eye. (This is why some animals' eyes shine/glow at night.) We also talked about why humans are among the only animals that show the whites of their eyes on a regular basis. Upcoming specimens include sheep hearts, frogs, grasshoppers, and earthworms. 


It was a week of culinary learning -- featuring eggs as the main ingredient -– in the Middle School After School Program!

On Tuesday students made scrambled eggs, and on Wednesday they made fried eggs with scallions, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms sauteed as a side. Today was deviled eggs. 

Some of the middle schoolers had never before made or eaten some of our egg dishes. They loved all of them, and can now make them for their families.

Orchard Day

On their trip to Highland Orchard during a recent parent conference day, students enjoyed making cider, walking though the apple cooler, and taking a hayride through the orchard.