Social Media: Life Online

Social media was the focus of Friday morning's Encuentro for grades 4-8. 

The program, facilitated by Director of Institutional Advancement Frances Hoover, featured two expert panelists – alumnus Michael Fiebach '99 and TPS Spanish teacher Cecilia Gezlinger – who spoke about the powerful benefits, responsibilities, and perils of having a presence on social media.

Michael is the founder and CEO of Fame House, a marketing agency that focuses on digital strategy primarily in the music and entertainment industries. Cecilia uses social media personally to stay in touch with friends and family in her native Mexico and professionally as a promoter of a wide variety of Latino events that take place in the Philadelphia region.

Nearly all of the students acknowledged that they had social media accounts (Instagram seemed most popular, especially among the Junior Unit students). And most of them were aware of individuals who have been hurt by online posts by others. 

Michael and Cecilia shared the importance of social media in their lives and careers. Michael explained that his business depended on him maintaining a good reputation and that he had to be careful about what he posted personally as an individual and professionally as a business owner.

Students listened earnestly throughout the presentation and asked good questions. It probably helped when Michael mentioned his digital marketing strategy for some of his major clients, such as Eminem, Pearl Jam, and Tiesto!

Our social media "experts" – Mike Fiebach '00 and Cecilia Gezlinger

Our social media "experts" – Mike Fiebach '00 and Cecilia Gezlinger

Unusual Historical Artifacts in the Preschool

A beloved tradition in the preschool is the telling of "family stories." This week the children heard a particularly amazing story. 

Scott Ravitz '93 and his family shared several "historical artifacts" from Scott's own days as a student at The Philadelphia School!   We saw Scott's 8th grade yearbook, photos, academic reports, and a special "invite" - an invitation from then head of school Sandra Dean asking Scott to join TPS as a member of the Class of 1993.  

Daniel Traub @ TPS Artists Alley

For the past several weeks, there has been a spot in the TPS hallways that has caused people to stop and look: Artists Alley. Our latest installation features the compelling large-format photography of TPS alumnus Daniel Traub '85, a Brooklyn-based photographer and filmmaker. 

Daniel’s first book of photographs, North Philadelphia, was published in November by Kehrer Verlag. Also The Barefoot Artist, a feature-length documentary about the artist Lily Yeh (Daniel’s mother), co-directed by Daniel and TPS parent Glenn Holsten, has been screened in film festivals throughout the country.

Stop by Artists Alley and see Daniels' beautiful photographs, part of his long-term photographic project in China. 

CNN Anchor Talks TPS

In a recent interview appearing in Philadelphia Magazine, CNN anchor Jake Tapper reminisces about growing up in Center City and attending The Philadelphia School in the early 1970s. His interviewer, Liz Spikol, was one of his classmates at TPS.

Jake, if you are reading this, give us a call and we will arrange for you to visit today's TPS!

Local Politics

Erik Federman '05 is working as volunteer coordinator for Philly mayoral candidate Terry Gillen. He is back in Philadelphia after teaching in Spain for all of last year in a town called Puente Genil, in the province of Córdoba, in Andalucía. Before that, he was a student at the University of Chicago, from which he graduated with a BA in classical studies, with honors both general and departmental. Erik will be accompanying Terry to TPS next month, when she appears as the 8th grade's Monthly Constitutional speaker (she will be speaking about campaign financing and the Supreme Court' ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission).

From Huffington Post

Michael Maisel '06 currently works in the Office of Arianna Huffington, where he coordinates global logistics and assists with research. Previously, he was part of The WorldPost team, a joint venture between The Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute of Governance.  A Global Liberal Studies major in the NYU Class of 2014, he completed a double minor in Latin American studies and politics. His passion is Cuba; his senior thesis was on “Economic Reforms, Propaganda, and Political Dissidence: Framework for a Post-Castro Era in Cuba.”  Here is a link to Michael's stories in The Huffington Post.