cultual studies

Seeds of Change "a-Maze"

Yesterday was the grand finale of the 7th grade's Seeds of Change unit. Visitors had the opportunity to see the products of student research from the past month, set within a thematic presentation space that transformed their classroom areas into a mysterious maze of ideas and intrigue. 

Students researched seeds of change of the past, present, and future. Some of their topics were

  • comparing the sizes of fast food drinks in america and other countries (ex. what constitutes a "large" in some countries is the same size as a "small" in america)
  • how our "war on drugs" perpetuates the cycle of addiction
  • the zika epidemic
  • the vaccine controversy -- to vaccinate or not
  • the pros and cons of modern and ancient farming methods
  • the negative impact of artificial selection in breeding dogs
  • the role of the horse in major military battles since Genghis Khan
  • the three ingredients needed for major medical breakthroughs
  • the environmental and health risks of factory farming

Here are some photos by TPS parent Kate Riccardi.