The Garden Returns

The Garden has been coming back to life after a winter slumber thanks to lots of wonderful little helpers!  Preschool and kindergarten  Students planted seeds for spring vegetables, including carrots, peas, beets, radish, arugula, bok choy, green onions, and spinach.  The little gardeners also transplanted seedlings of kale, lettuce, broccoli, swiss chard, celery, collard greens, and flowers that they started indoors from seed back in early February. 

Garden Friends

A family of two mice (so far!) have set up residence just outside a preschool window.  When all is quiet, we have a close-up view as they nibble sunflower seeds and dart in and out of the pumpkin shells. A squirrel has also discovered this happy feeding spot. It is fascinating to watch how these animals share their food and their habitat. 

7th Grade Headstart

Seventh graders worked one recent October afternoon with TPS gardener Brian Jordan to harvest several plants -- corn, beets, and potatoes -- to get a headstart on our winter curriculum. Starting in December, the 7th grade will study the Seeds of Change, five objects that were put into motion in the Age of Exploration and have since changed the course of history.

The five Seeds of Change we study are corn, sugar, potatoes, disease, and horses. Since corn, beets (inspired by sugar beets, a common source of sugar), and potatoes are harvested earlier than our curriculum begins, this was a good preview into some of the transformative species we'll be studying in a few months. Thank you, Brian, for making this hands-on introduction possible!

Mint Raspberry Lemonade?

Or maybe you'd prefer some wood sorrel, lavender, thai basil rosemary, borage flower, honeysuckle, fennel, thyme lemonade, instead? 

On Monday, in the after-school Urban Gardening club, led by Brian Jordan, students collaborated in pairs to hand-select ingredients from the TPS garden and squeeze lemons (a teacher took care of adding the sugar....) to make their own unique lemonade recipe.  The groups took turns sharing their lemonade with everyone and divulging their secret ingredients.  Don't be surprised if you see little lemonade stands throughout the city next summer with cups of green liquid for sale! (Photos by Navlea W., 4th grade)

En Plein Air

Plein air painting in the Garden was an option for kindergarten students today during recess.