Immigration Story Garners Rapt Attention

Liliana, currently a senior at Lower Merion High School, shared her personal story as an undocumented child traveling alone from Guatemala to the United States at the age of fourteen. Our students paid rapt attention as they listened to her account of every step of her arduous journey, which included long walks in the desert, dangerous boxcar rides, being detained in Arizona, to finally settling in Philadelphia with her foster family. Despite all that Liliana went through, she shared about how her faith allowed her to persevere through obstacles and how thankful she is to have made it to America.

Our third graders asked many thoughtful questions, and we encourage parents to continue this discussion at home, especially given our current political climate.

Special Guests

Seven ESL students – from Sudan, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Colombia – and their instructors from the Nationalities Services Center met with our third graders today. It was a wonderful gathering, with our students asking lots of questions about our guests' immigrant experiences and the ESL students practicing their English as they spoke about their personal journeys from their homelands to Philadelphia.