mixed ages

Book Buddies

Book buddies are a cherished tradition at TPS. It's always heartwarming to see the confidence and pride of our third graders as they read aloud to their admiring and appreciative kindergarten book buddies.

Book Buddies Forever!

The tradition of Book Buddies continues! 

Each year, a third grader is partnered with a kindergartner to enjoy books together.  We try to meet once a month – sometimes in the kindergarten space, sometimes in third grade, and sometimes at The Schuylkill Center.  Book Buddies help to create a sense of community at TPS by connecting children of different ages and promoting the joy of reading together.

Family Groups Meet

Today our mixed-age Family Groups (grades K-8) met for the first time! In Family Circles (groups of three or four Family Groups) spread throughout the Lombard Street building, we played some "get-to-know-you" games and began our all-school "one book" read-aloud – George's Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking – which relates an adventure that explains information about our universe, including Dr. Hawking's ideas about black holes.  

Lunch Dates

Seventh and eighth graders went over to the Schwartz Siegel building today to meet and to have lunch with the kindergarteners who will be in their Family Groups this year.  Long a TPS tradition, family groups are headed by a middle school student and include three or four younger children in grades K though 5. Family groups get together several times throughout the school year, often participating in activities with three or four other mixed-grade groups (called Family Circles).

Everyone is excited for future activities together!!