The Earth's Beauty

The poem below, written by a third grader, captures the spirit of Earth Day. Enjoy!

"The Earth’s Beauty"
 by Devin G.

When I take a hike
I feel the wind blowing in my face.
I hear birds chirping.
I hear chipmunks scuttling around
on the ground.
I see the trees swaying in the breeze
like dancers at a festival.
I take off my shoes and walk
on the rich, green grass.
It feels cool and moist under my feet.
I smell clean air.
I hear running water.
I feel relaxed.
I feel what nature is about.
I feel it taking all my anger, fear
and confusion out of me.
I don’t feel alone.
I feel nature.
I see nature.
I am nature.
Nature is beautiful.
Nature is what made the Earth.
Nature is pulling me,
Making me stay put.
But wherever I go
I will always be with nature.
Nature is mesmerizing.
That is nature.



This week in language arts the 7th grade concluded a mini-unit on poetry that focused on imagery, alliteration, assonance, and the rhythmic and musical qualities of meter. The unit concluded with a live reading of original compositions that were inspired by moments and memories gleaned from relatives in interviews conducted over winter break. We were joined by the 6th grade, who are also studying poetry, for a powerful, mixed-age experience.