Third graders are learning vocabulary about la casa (the house). They have worked hard to create little houses, or casitas, and are combining their learning about house vocabulary with the verb estar, which means "to be," in order to describe location. Last week third graders practiced their Spanish vocabulary by presenting their casitas to kindergarteners. 

Spanish Celebration

Third grade students took part in an Immigration Celebration in Spanish as a connection with the their recent amazing performances based on the history of immigration in the United States. This celebration was hosted for Giovana and Tiziana as part of our Spanish curriculum.

On Wednesday, students went and enjoyed a delicious lunch in TartAreperia Restaurant, a Venezuelan restaurant in Fishtown. The students practiced how to order their food in Spanish and had the opportunity to try rich Latin American flavors that was new for many of them. The following day, the students met Francois Zayas, a Cuban musician, who spoke about his experience as, an immigrant to the US from Cuba. He also explained about the maracas and timbal instruments that he plays.


Our 8th graders safely arrived in Ecuador and are having a great time. Here are a few photos.