summer assignments

Summer Assignments 2016

ATTENTION:  Please note that the IXL math assignments for grades 5 through 8 are being readjusted because the IXL website changed the skills attached to the links we provided. We should have the correct assignments online by 8/12/16.


A long-time TPS tradition is to keep academic and creative juices running during summer break!

Summer assignments are designed for maintenance of skills (preventing “summer slide”), remediation, or preview of content to be explored in the upcoming year. For 8th graders, the summer book report is used in the fall as the basis of the required writing sample for high school admissions.

As usual, we ask that children read and/or be read to for at least 20 minutes each day. In addition, children entering 2nd through 8th grades also have specific summer assignments, some tailored for each individual child and some for the entire grade. The kindergarten teachers have provided some resources for families of incoming kindergarten and first grade students; while there are no specific assignments for our youngest learners, we hope that families spend a lot of time with books this summer!