third grade

Immigration Story Garners Rapt Attention

Liliana, currently a senior at Lower Merion High School, shared her personal story as an undocumented child traveling alone from Guatemala to the United States at the age of fourteen. Our students paid rapt attention as they listened to her account of every step of her arduous journey, which included long walks in the desert, dangerous boxcar rides, being detained in Arizona, to finally settling in Philadelphia with her foster family. Despite all that Liliana went through, she shared about how her faith allowed her to persevere through obstacles and how thankful she is to have made it to America.

Our third graders asked many thoughtful questions, and we encourage parents to continue this discussion at home, especially given our current political climate.

A Gorgeous Day at SCEE

Third grade students enjoyed playing in the Pine Plantation at the Schuylkill Center on this gorgeous day.

Wildlife Up Close

Today out at our "country campus" - the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education – third graders met animals from the Center's wildlife refuge.

Third Grade Thespians Shine!

The third grade presented two student-written plays this week, each one focusing on how to build a fairer United States. The productions were guided by the Philadelphia Young Playwrights, who helped the children with their writing, staging, and acting. Also assisting were music teachers Shannon Coulter and Aaron Picht.  Last but not least, kudos to the third grade teachers - Diane Butler, Miriam Harlan, Anna Parker, and Jane White – whose efforts were not only vital to the production of the plays but also critical in helping the children understand the issues of injustice and activism that were explored in the plays. (And thank you to Kate Riccardi for taking the photographs below.)

Here are a few photographs from Building a More Fair USA: Lady Liberty Leads the Way.

Here are some photos from Building a More Fair USA: Jazz Is . . . .