JU Graphic Novel Authors!

JU-B 4th and 5th graders have been tearing through graphic novels! In response to their love of the medium and as an extension to the picture book project we completed earlier in the year, students created a class graphic novel.

After reading The Magical Monkey King, Michief in Heaven as told by JI-LI Jiang, each student took on one chapter from the story. First, students determined the main ideas of their chapter, chunked the ideas into panels, and worked with their chapter "neighbors" to create smooth transitions and a sense of flow throughout the novel. Students then created small-scale drafts of their individual page for the class book. 

With their draft done, students set to work measuring and dividing out the page in order to fit the number of panels needed in the shapes they wanted. Afterwards, they represented their chapter through a combination of words and image. As students finished up their own page, they focused on the cover, title page, table of contents, back cover summary, review snippets, and the authors' bios.  Come visit JU-B to see the final product!