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How Primary Unit Closed out 2022

TPS is off to a great start in 2023! Students are falling back into important routines, while looking ahead to new and exciting studies for the year. They are also reflecting on all that they learned in 2022, from big projects like Diorama Day for the 6th grade, to our work in Family Circles around the all-school theme of Roots to Branches. This week, we’ll take a look back at how Primary Unit closed out their year and get a sneak peak and what’s ahead on their learning journey!

An Underground Exploration!

Starting at the beginning of the year, each class was introduced to their broad topic of study, the underground. Students were encouraged to ask questions and find what related topics interested them to set the course for their learning. The directions each class took varied, from studying what animals live underground to how humans use the underground for different types of urban infrastructure. Throughout the year, students were also able to study the underground up close during their outdoor education days at the Wissahickon! These many different avenues of learning prepared each class for their final projects. 

At TPS, the overarching topic of study may be the same for a whole grade level, but each class is likely to approach the topic differently. In Primary Unit, each classroom took their final project in a different direction:

  • Primary A put on a play about the underground!

  • Primary B constructed a cave in their classroom!

  • Primary C and D worked on independent projects making a museum of their class’s work!

Each of the classes was able to present to the whole unit as part of their collective learning process. Sharing, learning, and teaching helped everyone grow their knowledge and confidence. It was an exciting and creative time, showcasing the different paths our students take to learn about the world around them. While our teachers play a significant role in facilitating this study, students are encouraged to take the lead in their learning through inquiry, experimentation, and collaboration with their peers.

Looking ahead 

As part of our City, Country, Classroom approach, students take advantage of our urban environment to pursue a deeper understanding of civic engagement through real-world experiences. They explore right here in our neighborhood and around the city that is our school’s namesake. To start off 2023, Primary Unity will learn all about cities! What makes a city? What are the different issues cities face? What are the differences between small and big businesses? These are just some of the questions students have already asked as they begin to set the direction for their learning this winter. It’s sure to be an exciting rest of the year for our Primary Unit students! We can’t wait to see what they learn next.