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Seventh Grade Robotics Tournament Results!

This past Saturday the TPS Robotics Program had another banner day, racking up four awards and qualifying two teams for the second round of the FIRST Lego League Challenge Coopertition! 

Co-hosted by The Philadelphia Robotics Coalition and the Central High School Robolancers on Saturday, December 10th, this year’s group of 7th graders competed at the Regional Qualifying Tournament and repeated the awesome performance of last year’s winning group of students.

In the Robot Game category, which awards points to teams who complete missions on a challenge map successfully, TPS teams posted 5 of the top 6 scores during the event with Team Robot, Inc. scoring the second most points in the tournament with a score of 175. Team Robot, Inc., comprised of Maia, Nora, Edward, Noah, Ivy, and Dash, earned the 2nd Place Robot Performance Award as a result of their sensational programming.

In the Innovation Project category, which awards teams judged to have utilized diverse resources for the generation of inventions or creative iterations, TPS teams showcased their presentation skills. Students in this category are challenged to build a project that addresses a clearly stated problem with a well-researched solution. They must effectively communicate their findings to the judges at the event and the community at large, something Team Hyper Brick, made up of Sela, Theo, Stella, Ale, Sam, and Mars, did in superb fashion on their way to earning the 2nd Place Innovation Project Award.

In the Core Values category, teams are tasked to display enthusiasm and team spirit, knowing that they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and show each other and other teams respect at all times. Team Robot Inc., who also excelled at the Robot Game, did this in style as their demonstration of the FIRST values of discovery, inclusion, fun, impact, innovation, and teamwork caught the eye of the judges who awarded the six students the 2nd Place Core Values Award. 

Lastly, the Champion’s Award is given to the top three teams in the tournament, with the first-place award granted to the team that best embodies the FIRST Lego League Challenge experience, fully embracing Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in Robot Performance, Robot Design and the Innovation Project. Yaya, Joely, Charlie P, Georgia, Miles, and Isaac, the seven 7th graders who competed together as Team Brick Busters, took home the first-place prize making it back-to-back championships for the TPS Robotics Program.

At the end of an equal parts exhausting and exciting day, due to their overall performance in all four facets of the Coopertition, two TPS teams, Hyper Brick & Brick Busters, advanced to the Regional Championships to be held at Springside Chestnut Hill on January 28th. The conclusion of the tournament left every 7th grader feeling grateful for the help of the TPS teaching community as well as the experts who all volunteered their time to prepare the teams for achieving at a high level at a fantastic robotics event.