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Specialist Spotlight 12/16: Music

These past few weeks of music class have been centered around singing, culminating in the entire student community gathering in the garage for a winter themed sing-along this morning! In addition to sending each other off with the gift of song, students at TPS engaged with music in the following ways:

The Preschool and Kindergarten triumphed in their Winter concert last week, performing beautifully and singing joyfully for their families! They were so proud of their accomplishment! 

Primary Unit continued reading rhythms n in simple meter from "Conversational Solfege" Unit One. They also did hands-on activities to help them understand the notes of the treble clef and their correct placement on the lines and spaces of the staff.  Students enjoyed doing a dance entitled, "Heel and Toe" and playing a music game called "Closet Key."

Third grade students continued singing and decoding songs from "Conversational Solfege - Unit Five." Students completed their xylophone ensemble unit. Some students had an introduction to the soprano recorder. They learned the proper playing posture, the correct method of articulation, and the fingerings for the notes "A", and "B." All third grade students will begin their recorder curriculum after Winter Break. 

Junior Unit students finished their differentiated keyboard unit. Several JU students had the opportunity to perform a variety of keyboard repertoire for their classmates. Junior Unit B students started a unit on the soprano recorder. Students learned the proper playing posture, the correct method of articulation, and the fingerings for the notes "A", and "B." We also learned to play the first song from Don Muro's "Easy Eight" recorder method.

Sixth graders have been practicing the rhythms and dance steps for Gotah and Gahu, from Ghana. They have started their study of Sorsenet from Guinea, learning how the solo drum calls the dancers to change the choreography. They have been continuing practicing their xylophone skills on “Balafon” and “Mbira Jam”. Students have been getting accustomed to speaking on a microphone while reading well known quotes written by notable activists. 

Seventh grade students created a list of potential rock songs for their rock band project. Students listened to a wide range of rock music, discussed the viability of each song for the project, and voted for their favorite songs. 

Eighth grade students continued their work of the bass guitar. They also learned to play the C, F, and G chords on the keyboard. All students learned to play and sing "I Will Be Your Friend" on both instruments. Eighth graders learned to play the twelve bar blues on ukuleles, guitars, and bass guitars as well as the blues shuffle on the snare drum. All students rotated through these sections while playing the bass line for "Backwater Blues." 

The week ended with MS Singers traveling to Fitler Square to do some caroling after school today, singing for an audience for the first time this year!